Look at what some of my happy students and friends say:


Jennifer – Mintlaw: I have had one to one sessions with Yvonne. I find this very beneficial. Yvonne is a great motivator. She works me hard but it’s worth it. I am so much more flexible and I feel so much better. It’s a bit if yoga and Pilates.

Pamela – Mintlaw: My sons yoga is the highlight of his week he has been diagnosed with asd & adhd after his one to one sessions he is noticeably less angry/anxious which improves his behaviour and sleeping and he is always so proud to tell me what he has done during his session I would fully recommend Yvonne’s one to one sessions it’s made such a positive impact on my sons life.

Robbie – Fetterangus: The group is more like a family get together, the exercises are great and you can do as much or as little no competition, just go your own pace. It’s a mixed class, and it’s a pleasure to go and meet new and old friends. I would recommend this class to everybody—young and old [like me].

Pilates with Jane by Avril Hendry
We’re going to Pilates, my friend Jane and me.
To try and keep our bodies fit, as fit as they can be.
It takes a lot of work, but then we also have some fun.
Our teacher is Yvonne, and Fishie hall is where it’s run.

Our class is such a happy one, all girls except for one.
He’s Robbie, such a character, and also lots of fun.
The hour just flies, then we relax, and have a bit of chatter.
We set off home, all energised, and nothing else does matter.

We’re going to Pilates, we do it every week.
To exercise our bodies, to find the shape we seek.
We exercise our muscles, especially the core
the routines can be strenuous, and we can end up sore.

But only when the body is not used to certain poses.
So Jane and me, as old hands now, deserve a bunch of roses.
We so enjoy the class, and think as well, do all the rest.
And with Yvonne, to spur us on, we think she is the best

Yes, we’re going to Pilates, My friend Jane and me.
We also go to yoga, as we’re fitness fans you see.
To keep our bodies supple, as we head into old age.
Always looking forward, to turn another page.

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